• Rise & Shine Day Cream
  • Rise & Shine Day Cream
  • Rise & Shine Day Cream


Rise & Shine Day Cream

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It's like morning coffee for your skin, this matcha-glutathione whip gel cream that acts like a wake up call for your skin. Benefits include detoxification, sun protection (SPF 30 PA++), barrier strengthening. Clean, recyclable, vegan, cruelty free, eco-conscious. 

Directions: Apply a dime-sized amount to face and neck, pat gently until fully absorbed. The decadent, light texture sinks right into the skin and primes itw ell for makeup. Follow up with SPF. For best results, use daily and apply a toner before application for added hydration. We like to combine this cream with our powder Vitamin C!

Ingredients: rice water, almond oil, saffron extract, green tea extract, mulethi extract, rose hip oil, glutathione, octyl methoxycinnamate, uvinal T150, matcha extract, panax ginseng root, chamomile oil, sodium hyaluronate, phenoxyethanol, dimethicone, propylene glycol, d-panthenol, sodium benzoate, fragrance (0.02%)

Delivery: 5 to 7 business days 

Matcha-cha, Rise Up, Dream Cream