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  • C's The Day Serum Powder


C's The Day Serum Powder

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A singular product that does the job of several: this serum soothes, brightens, fortifies and adds a glow to your skin, all while having an extremely long shelf life due to its powder form. Clean, recyclable, vegan, cruelty-free, eco-conscious. 

Directions: Pour a generous amount of your favorite essence, serum (best to use with a watery formula and avoid any AHAs, BHAs, or retinol in the rest of your routine), water-based creams, emulsions as your base and mix one or two scoops (provided) of powder with the base product allowing a few seconds for the powder to dissolve completely. Apply evenly to face and follow up with SPF as the last step of your morning routine. Vitamin C can cause sun sensitivity. If you notice a grainy texture after mixing, please add more base product. Apply the mixture to your entire face and continue your skincare routine. We like to combine with barrier-forming/ skin-soothing ingredients such as ceramides and centella asiatica.

Ingredients: d-glucose, l-ascorbic acid (15%), allantoin, aloe vera powder, jasmine powder, niacinamide, benzophenone-4.

Delivery: 5 to 7 business days 

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