• Rasoi Peeling Knife
  • Rasoi Peeling Knife
  • Rasoi Peeling Knife
  • Rasoi Peeling Knife


Rasoi Peeling Knife

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The Rasoi series of knives is hand-forged by blacksmiths in Reha, Gujarat, and finished with an oiled teakwood handle and brass rivets. A dying art, Reha black-smithery was once renowned for producing swords and weaponry for the Royal families of the region. Tula’s range of kitchen knives preserves their traditional techniques and finds them a relevant place in our every day. 

The Rasoi peeling knife has a blade uniquely designed to aid the peeling of smooth and coarse surfaces. Great for root vegetables and rounded fruit. 

Comes in a quilted Kala cotton roll bag.

Delivery: 5 to 7 business days

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